Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As you all know, Travis and I have been married for a month now. We have decided it is now time to share a blog (not that he updates his anyways). I will be leaving all of you faithful followers, but I hope you will still follow me. This is a sad day for me because all my stats are back down to zero. My 100th post is once again far away. I have had fun watching as my blog is slowing increasing in popularity. My favorite is seeing how many countries it can reach. (To my faithful follower in Malaysia, thank you).

So, we are sticking with the moments theme and going with "Moments that Matter Most" from President Utchdorf's talk. The web address is

See you all there!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 Month!

Travis and I have been married for 1 month today. In some ways it seems like we have been married for longer than that. In other ways, it seems like we just got married last week. Here is what we have been up to this past month.

July 9-Married in the Washington DC temple!
July 10-Flew down to Florida to Leave for our Cruise!
July 11-16- Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, Grand Cayman
July 17-Arrive in Florida, Fly to Georgia, Drive to Dayton
July 18-22- Travis worked, I unpacked, did laundry and repacked
July 22-25- Oregon reception
July 26-29- Travis worked, I unpacked, did laundry and repacked
July 29-31- Georgia reception
August 1-5 We finally came home for good. Travis worked all week. I still unpacked and did laundry. In addition, I have been unpacking my stuff that we moved into the apartment and finding places for our gifts. I have also been job hunting, still with no success.
August 6- Our first free Saturday!! We bought a couch! (from wedding money, so THANK YOU!!)
August 7- Our first Sunday. We loved our ward! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It makes a huge difference, especially since I don't know anyone yet.

So, I guess it seems like a long time because we have done so much traveling, but on the other hand it only seems like a week because we have only been settled down since last Saturday. I look forward to more time without travel and big plans.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Beginning

I have had some people begging to see some wedding pictures. Travis' sister-in-law, Shonda, did our pictures and posted some on her blog. These are basically the same ones she has, but I am posting them for people that haven't seen them. I will post some more as I get them. She took some more while we were in Oregon that I am SUPER excited about!! She did an amazing job!

This picture was Jessica's idea. I love it!
This is one of my favorites because it is totally us!My handsome husband!
YAY!! We are married! Love this picture too!Sneak peak of the night pictures! I love this temple!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grand Cayman

This was probably the port I was looking forward to the most because I have a friend that went here on her honeymoon and her mother and law goes every year. I have heard how beautiful the water is and it lived up to my expectations. I could not believe how clear the water was! It was absolutely gorgeous! Travis and I have said that we would love to go back.

We had an excursion planned for this port, so once again we got up early to get some shopping in before our excursion. We left the tourist area to do some shopping and sightseeing.

This is what happens when you ask other people to take pictures of you. We asked them to make sure and get the pirate ship in the background.
I would have made a good pirate.
Travis watching the dolphins!On our way out to pet the stingrays.On our way back from petting the stingrays, they stopped and got some starfish for us to hold.

After going to the sandbar to pet the stingrays, we went back to swim with the dolphins. We were with about 6 other people and our dolphin, Lucy. We got to pet her, dance with her, kiss her, and take a ride on her belly. We didn't take any pictures, but we bought one from them.

We would love to go back because there were some many things that we didn't see and like I said, the beaches are breathtaking!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mahogany Bay-Roatan!!!

This was probably my favorite port. We loved it!! We had an excursion planned here, so we got up early and got off the ship as soon as possible so we could get as much shopping/sight seeing in before the excursion as possible because there wouldn't be any time after. Roatan had the best shopping by far! This is where we got our souvenir of the trip-a hand made wooden vase. There were tons of hand made wooden things. I loved everything! I also got a pair of wooden earrings.
After shopping, we headed over to meet our group where we signed papers stating we would not sue upon injury or death. Comforting huh? I bet you are wondering what we did. We went zip-lining through the jungles of Roatan! It was AMAZING!!! I was a little hesitant at first because they told us all these things we had to do; hold this hand here, put that hand as far back behind you, to stop do this, to slow down do that, hold your legs like this, put your head like that. It was so much to remember and if I didn't do something right, it was a long ways down.

Here they are strapping me in. It was sooo tight I wasn't going anywhere!Before going down.Once I was hooked up and they sent me down, all my fears were replaced with excitement. It was so fun. I had to make a conscious effort to look around at the scenery and not just at the ending platform. As a result, I saw many beautiful trees, flowers, and an enormous iguana!
After the zip line, they took us through Gumbilina park where we saw many more iguanas, parrots, and monkeys. We also got to see one of Roatan's beaches and walk across a wooden bridge. I LOVED Roatan. I would go back there in a heartbeat!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The second port we stopped at was Belize. Travis kept making fun of me because apparently I say it like a southerner. Like the last port, we didn't have an excursion planned here either. Because the water was so shallow, the ship had to anchor a ways out and then we took ferries over to the dock. While we were waiting for our turn, we started talking to the couple next to us about what their plans were for the day. The were going cave tubing and taking 4-wheelers through the rain forest. When we were looking through the excursions, we thought about doing that. They were doing it through an independent company for really cheap, so we decided to go with them.We started by taking a bus over to the river where we would do the tubing. On the way over, we had a tour guide that told us a lot of facts about Belize. He was hilarious! Belize was a very poor country. He showed us where the rich people lived and the ghetto. It was a very humbling experience for me. The children walked around with no shoes on and we saw families washing their clothes in a nearby stream. I literally had to remind myself that people lived in those run down shacks that we were passing.
After getting to our destination, we took a short walk through some rain forests and caves. It was absolutely beautiful. We saw wild pineapples and coconuts everywhere. Then we floated down the river and through a cave. (pictures on the water camera)
On our way back, they stopped and fed us lunch. And Belize me, (get it? believe me?) it was delicious! That was the joke of the day. It made me laugh every time the tour guide said it too. We continued back to the city center where we looked at the shops. This is where everything was super cheap. Belize is the one place we didn't buy anything though. Then we got back on the ship and headed out for the evening.The biggest surprise for me was how poor it was. Like I said, it was very humbling for me to see. I have never said "no thank you" so many times in my life because they are very aggressive in trying to get you to buy things. The country was beautiful, but I felt like the city was dirty. English is the primary language but they also speak a Swedish Creole.

Back on the ship headed to the next port.
There was a beautiful sunset after dinner, so of course we had to take some pictures!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day at Sea and Cozumel!

The first full day was spent just traveling. Luckily neither one of us got sea sick, although we were prepared with medicine just in case. Since we were on the boat all day, there were lots of shows and fun things to do to keep us entertained. Travis and I took the first day to explore the ship and continued to find things we missed throughout the week. It was huge! There were all different themed rooms. We even found a chapel and a bride's room! That evening for dinner, we had the first "Elegant Night" of the trip. Some people went all out. I felt a little under dressed in my outfit and no makeup (it accidentally got left in my car and went to the beach with my family. Luckily I had some mascara and lipgloss with me.)

Here I am about mid-ship. We were on the Carnival Legend.
Hanging out by the pool. Trying to keep cool.
Pictures on deck of the deep blue sea.Here we are after dinner. My studly husband!I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite shots. The ship was so extravagant and decorative. We finally made it to our first port, Cozumel, Mexico. We didn't have a planned excursion here, but we heard many great things about the shopping and the beaches. We started off by walking around all the shops (it wasn't as cheap as we thought it would be). Then we decided to take a taxi over to one of the beaches to snorkel. While we were there, we met this family that ended up being LDS, small world huh? Anyways, they go there every year and knew all the good places to go. So after giving me a mini-lesson, the dad took us down to some great spots. We saw all kinds of colorful fish, cool reefs and rock formations, and even a barracuda! We have some pictures on our water camera from snorkeling. Travis loves deals, and he kept reminding me how much better it was to do our own thing because we ended up getting a private lesson and tour for about 1/4 of what it would have been to book through the ship.

On the ship about to get off in Cozumel.Welcome to Cozumel!!I loved all the brilliant colors they had! Everything was so bright and happy. My purple dress ended up being the perfect dress for the day to contrast the bright colors! Travis doing a little dance with his big scuba feet!There were so many great spots to take pictures!Travis lounging around. Shopping wore him out!Now for my favorite photo of the day! These guys were so funny. They came and took me from Travis. Then the guy on the left side kept telling me, "you very, very pretty." I loved it! They may look scary, but they are still sweet. We loved Cozumel. One thing that surprised me is how touristy it was. I am sure that if we got further away from the city it wouldn't be so bad, but everything was centered around tourists.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mrs. Barlow

I have officially turned into a blogger because I look forward to doing new posts. On our way home from our honeymoon, I was trying to figure out how I should post the recent events of my life. So, I will ask the few loyal readers I have what your preference is.

1. Start posting about our honeymoon because I have those pictures already on my computer. I want to do a post for each port we stopped at, but I am afraid you guys may get bored of it.

2. Wait until I get our wedding pictures back, do a post about that and then the honeymoon and receptions as they come.

Quick update about the title of Mrs. Barlow: I have not gone by it AT ALL. On the cruise, at the airport, at the store, anything where they need my "official" name they call me Ms. Broadhead because I haven't gotten my name "officially" changed. So, all my official documents still have Broadhead and all my friends call me Amber.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holy Guacamole!!!

For those of you that know me really well, you know my favorite phrase is "Holy Guacamole!!" I use it when I am surprised, scared, stressed, and excited, among other things. Well, right now, when I think of my wedding the only thought that comes to my head is "Holy Guacamole!!" I think it is because it sums up all of my emotions...surprised, scared, stressed, and excited.

Surprised. I am surprised because it is 3 DAYS AWAY!!! If you look at the top of my blog, the little bride and groom are pretty much holding hands. I am surprised that it came this fast, but on the other hand it has felt like forever. I am surprised that I am actually getting married. I am surprised I tricked Travis into marrying me. :) I am surprised that things are starting to come together. I am surprised all the siblings (especially his because there are 9 of them) can make it. I am surprised that most of our closest friends can come (I will miss you Katie). I am surprised that I leave in the morning.

Scared. I am scared that not everything will get done in time. I still have to finish making my bouquet, guestbook, and picture frames for the guestbook...oh, and pack. I am scared that things won't be perfect and I will stress out even though I keep telling myself not to. I am scared that I am going to forget something. I am scared that I won't have everything I need for the cruise. I am scared I am going to be an emotional mess.

Stressed. I love to stress. Why wouldn't I be stressed. This is the day I have looked forward to my whole life and it is finally here. I am stressed basically because I decided to do things myself and I am my own worst critic. My bouquet is giving me the most stress. I still have lots I need to get done and little time to do them. I am stressed because I still don't even know exactly what I am doing with my hair. I just keep telling myself it will all work out.

Excited. I am excited to see Travis and most of all never have to say goodbye to him again. For the past 10 months we just got to visit each other and now we will get to live together, not only in the same city but in the same house. I can't wait! I am excited that instead of us having short visits together, we will have short trips apart. I am excited to spend time with him and start our new life together! I am really excited for our cruise!! We are going to the West Caribbean and it will be a blast! I have never been on a cruise and I am soooooo EXCITED!!

So, HOLY GUACAMOLE!! It's almost here!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Canada!!

Since today is Canada Day, I have to do a quick walk down memory lane from my mission in Montreal. When I think of Canada, I think of:
President and Sister McKinnon
The many wonderful sisters I served with. Some not pictured. Sorry.My Amazing districts...not just this one, but all of them!
The AMAZING people!!! Kirsten and Adriana!
Emily. Oh how I love her!
Vincent. My first true Quebecois experience!Carole. Loves missionaries, loves to sing, loves the scriptures!Evelyne. The sweetest woman you will ever meet. Love her!Nadia. Gives the best hugs in the world!Jean de Dieu. He was prepared by God!Amazing members!
Rebecca. Love this girl!Some members of my English class from ALL over the world!Genie. Proud of her!Clareena. Best member missionary ever!Anika. She changed MY life!Jodanne. Loves God!

When I think of Canada, I think of all t
he amazing people. This is just a taste of the people that touched my life. It was the most incredible experience of my life! Now, when I think of symbols or things that remind me of Canada, I think of:
Our main source of transportation.
The Montreal Temple.
Of course, I think of SNOW!!!My favorite snow picture.
The Canal in Ottawa. In the Winter people skate to work.

Poutine. French fries, Cheese Curds, and Gravy.
This is supposed to symbolize Parliament.

So there you have it. Those are just a few people and things that remind me of the native land. Canada, you will always be a part of my heart. Happy Canada Day!!!